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How to Join Pack 719

Please visit our About page for more information about Pack 719 and other general scouting information.
Please also consider helping the pack by Volunteering.

New to Scouting

If you have child that would like to join our pack, click the button below. It will take you Pack 719’s profile on the BeAScout website where you can register your child. If you would like to attend a meeting to see if scouting is right for you, please email us here.

With Another Pack

If you have a Scout with an existing Pack, you will need to email our Committee Chair to complete the necessary transfer. Click the button below to email our Committee Chair.

Costs / Financial Information (2022-2023)

The Pack needs all annual dues to be paid by October 25th. The Pack is required to pay it’s dues to the District in early November, therefore the October date is firm.
**** Please include your scouts name(s), den(s), and if want a Scout Life magazine subscription with your payment to the Pack Treasurer ****

Membership Dues

  • $80/year – National Boy Scouts of America organization dues
    • National dues are effective January 1st – December 31st
    • Pack 719 does not receive any of these dues (see Pack 719 dues below)
  • $25/year – one time new scout fee, covers initial registration with the National Scouting organization
    • If you registered through, please be aware that the initial online registration pays only national dues, and only through Dec 31st. The national Scouting leadership is aware that their electronic registration guidance does not clearly spell this out, and all of the area Cub Scout Packs have asked them to revise their website instructions.
  • $40/year – Pack 719 dues
    • These funds stay local and cover administrative and advancement costs to run the Pack for the year. These include advancement belt loops, awards, badges, pins, Class B t-shirt, next rank’s handbook, and other routine Pack costs. This allows us to use fundraiser proceeds on activities for the scouts.
  • $15/year – optional cost for Scout Life magazine
    • Please include $15 with your dues and we’ll notify the BSA of the subscription during the recharter

Scout Handbook

The Scout Handbook is the official guide to the Cub Scout program and where you can find everything you need to complete requirements. The handbooks are rank specific and the BSA does periodically change the adventures/requirements. Your scout will receive a new handbook when they advance to the next rank in May. If you need to purchase one or a replacement, you can obtain them from the Scout Shop.

Scout Shop

The Baltimore Area Council operates two local scout shops. You can find uniforms, handbooks, crafts, and other outdoor gear. The Packs Advancement Chair will typically go to the scout shop to obtain belt loops, pins, and other awards provided to scouts during advancement ceremonies. The staff at the scout shop are extremely helpful, the scout shop hours and locations can be found here.

Financial Assistance

If you are unable to afford the costs of Scouting you should contact the Committee Chair and ask for a financial assistance form. Besides the Pack Treasurer, no one else in the Pack needs to know about your situations and it will be handled in confidence. Do not let the cost of Scouting deter you from joining Scouts.

Dues Summary

$80 – National BSA Dues
$40 – Pack 719 Dues
$15 – Scout Life subscription (optional)

Total: $120 (or $135 with Scout Life)

Class A Uniform

  • This is the formal Scout uniform and is purchased individually. This uniform is worn at formal functions like Pack meetings, parades, some den meeting, and fundraisers. For new members it is ok to attend the first few meetings without a uniform. Uniform requirements per rank are as follows:
    • For Lion Scouts: Lion uniform t-shirt and hat
    • For Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelo’s Scouts: rank specific shirt, hat, neckerchief, slide, and belt
  • Specific patches are required to be displayed on class A uniforms (except for Lions). All the required patches and their locations can be found here. Pack/Den specific patches include:
    • Den number (this is assigned by Pack 719)
    • Unit (aka Pack) Number (patch for each number: 7, 1, and 9)
  • Uniforms and patches can be found at the Scout Shop (this option being the most expensive), eBay, friends/neighbors/family, local Facebook groups.
  • Uniform shirts with most of the required patches can be purchased from the Scout Shop. You will need to add the den number and unit (aka Pack) numbers.
  • The Pack asks that parents donate any uniforms pieces that are no longer needed. It allows the Pack to provide them to younger and new scouts as the advance. Please see the Committee Chair or Cubmaster if you are in need of any uniform pieces or would like to donate something.
  • More detailed information including links to insignia placement can be found on our uniforms page.

Class A Uniforms
(left to right: Tiger, Wolf, Bear, & Webelos)
Pack 719’s 2022 Class B t-shirt

Class B Uniform

Every Scout (Lions through Webelos) will be given a Class B t-shirt when their Pack dues are paid. This is a less formal t-shirt that can be worn for functions like camping, sleepovers, hiking, and other trips as announced. Additional shirts can be purchased for scouts and parents (typically announced around September/October each year).


Our Pack relies on proceeds from the sale of snack sticks to fund our Pack outings and programs. This is our main source of funding and covers a majority of our supplies and expenses needed to operate the Pack.

Many other Packs sell popcorn, but we find the $1.50 price point of the Snack Sticks and greater profit margin to work better for us. Typically, all dens are required to fundraise with the exception of the Lion den. We ask each Scout to sell a minimum of one case (154 sticks) and turn in the $65 profit to the Pack by the end of November. In lieu of selling a box of meat sticks, Scouts can choose to pay the $65 instead. For families with multiple Scouts, we only ask that they contribute $65 for each additional Scout, corresponding to the profit which the Pack would have made on an additional case of snack sticks. Scouts do have the option to sell an additional casees of Snack Sticks if they prefer.

In addition, we have three site sales each fall in community locations. The Pack purchases the snack sticks and we ask our Cub Scouts to participate in selling them.

Our fundraising essentially pays for all Pack events for the year, Pinewood Derby, Blue and Gold, camping, food at camping, Klondike, and many others. Typically, the only extra cost is for optional adventures that are higher cost (for example, the Science Center or Maryland Zoo Camp-ins).

Country Meats – Meat Sticks